Supported Independent Living

What are SIL Services?

SIL services are provided by registered NDIS providers like Relative Care who meet specific quality and safety standards. These providers work closely with participants to develop individualised support plans, including live-in caregivers for older adults catering to their unique needs and goals. SIL services offer care for senior citizens at home with support and assistance in various areas of daily living, and the goal is to enable participants to have choice and control over their lives and to participate fully in their community.

SIL services are coordinated and funded through the NDIS, which provides funding for eligible participants to access these supports. The amount of funding allocated for SIL services is determined through an assessment process, considering the individual’s support needs and goals.

Participants receiving SIL services can live with other participants with in-home caregivers in a shared home, offering a sense of community and social connection. The support level provided can vary depending on the individuals’ needs living in the home.

Since Relative Care is dedicated to providing NDIS SIL services to disabled individuals with, the purpose is to assist them in achieving greater independence and a higher quality of life while receiving disability care services on the Central Coast. 

Relative Care enables participants to develop essential life skills for everyday tasks and activities by offering individualised support. It empowers them to become more self-reliant and capable of handling various challenges in their daily lives. 

What type of SIL Services does Relative Care offer?

Surrounded by a supportive community of staff and fellow clients, our group home provides a safe and comfortable environment for clients. We offer various home care services, programs, and activities promoting skill development and independence. These may include life skills training, educational opportunities, and recreational activities. Our clients can gain greater autonomy and control by fostering these skills.

Overall, clients can thrive and grow in our group home with live-in caregivers for older adults at Relative Care. We have a shared supported living arrangement that provides 24/7 person-centred support delivered by our caring and qualified staff. This opportunity may be suitable for adults with a disability who:

When you sign up for supported Independent Living Services (SIL) with us at Relative Care, there are several benefits and features that you can look forward to:

Individual, person-centred development (Personalised Support)

This approach focuses on individual needs, preferences, and aspirations. Our team recognises that not all solutions work for everyone. Therefore, we will collaborate to create a personalised care plan that meets your specific requirements. We believe in empowering individuals to take control of their lives by providing them with the support they need to thrive.

Assistance to gain employment:

 We understand the importance of meaningful employment and its positive impact on an individual’s life. Whether you are just starting your job search or looking to make a career transition, our team will understand your unique circumstances and create a personalised employment plan. We will assist you in exploring different industries and job sectors that align with your skills and interests.

Our ultimate goal is to empower you to achieve your employment goals and foster your independence and success in the workplace. We will be with you throughout your job search journey, providing ongoing support and guidance as needed.

Emphasis on community linking and pursuing goals (Community Integration)

We understand that being part of a community is vital for personal growth and well-being. Our approach focuses on connecting individuals with their community, ensuring they have the social support and resources to pursue their goals. We will assist you in finding opportunities that align with your interests and passions, whether it be joining clubs, attending local events, or volunteering. You can develop new friendships and gain a sense of belonging and fulfilment by actively participating in community activities. 

Inclusive environment that fosters independence (Inclusive Living Spaces)

We ensure that our living spaces have various accessibility features to accommodate individuals with different abilities. It includes installing ramps, wider doorways, and grab bars to assist mobility. In addition, we carefully consider the layout and design of our living spaces to maximise independence. We organise furniture and fixtures in a way that allows for easy navigation and maneuverability. We strive to create open and spacious areas that are free of obstacles and hazards.

Shared living with support to gain life and daily living skills (Supportive Environment)

In this shared living arrangement where we provide live-in caregivers for senior citizens, we prioritise developing life and daily living skills. Our staff members are trained to provide the necessary support and guidance to help you acquire and enhance these skills. Mutual support among clients is essential to creating a positive and empowering atmosphere. Clients participate in group activities, peer mentoring, and community engagement opportunities. By sharing their skills and experiences, clients can collectively work towards their individual and shared goals.

Help manage medication and attend appointments (Medication Management and Appointments)

Our medication management support includes reminding you when to take your medicine and ensuring you take the correct dosage at the right time. We understand that it can be easy to forget or get confused with multiple medications, so we offer a personalised system to help keep track of your prescriptions. 

In addition to medication management, we can accompany you to medical appointments and provide support during these visits. Our caregivers can take notes during the appointment, ask essential questions, and provide you with information about your healthcare plan. We aim to be your advocate, ensuring you receive quality care and address all your concerns.

Support to maintain health and well-being (Health Monitoring)

Regular monitoring of vital signs such as blood pressure or blood sugar levels is crucial in maintaining good health and well-being. By consistently monitoring your levels, we can detect any abnormalities or changes requiring further attention from healthcare professionals.

This proactive approach allows for early detection of potential health issues, enabling timely interventions and preventing further complications. It also provides valuable information for healthcare professionals to make informed decisions about your care.

A place to call HOME

At Relative Care, we understand the importance of finding a place to call home. That’s why we prioritise safe and comfortable living spaces for our clients. Our facilities are designed with your well-being in mind, ensuring you have a space to feel secure and at ease.

Privacy is important to us, and we ensure that your living space is your sanctuary, where you can enjoy both social interactions and private time to maintain a healthy balance and take time for yourself when needed.

What does Funding Cover?

Relative Care offers a funding program, Supported Independent Living (SIL), that aims to help disabled individuals live independently. The program covers a wide array of support and disability care services on the Central Coast tailored to meet each individual’s specific needs.

The program typically includes funding for various forms of assistance, such as:

It’s important to note that the specific supports and services covered by SIL funding may vary depending on the individual’s assessed needs and the funding guidelines in place. It is recommended to consult with Relative Care to get detailed information on what is covered under SIL funding on the Central Coast.

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