Aged Care

As we age, daily activities tend to become more challenging, and it’s only sometimes feasible for loved ones to provide the necessary level of support due to their commitments. Moving out of one’s home can be unsettling, as houses are often filled with cherished memories and a sense of comfort and familiarity. That’s why many individuals prefer to stay in their own homes and communities, opting to get a home caregiver as they age, and we fully understand and support that choice.

At Relative Care, we believe in the importance of maintaining independence and quality of life in one’s home. As one of the aged care providers on the Central Coast, we offer a range of services designed to support individuals in staying at home as they age.

We aim to empower individuals to age in place and maintain their independence, dignity, and quality of life by providing in-home support and elder care, facilitating community engagement, and offering care coordination. We understand the importance of preserving the familiarity and comfort of one’s home, and our services are designed to support individuals on the Central Coast.

Navigating aged care can be a complex process, and it’s crucial for individuals and their loved ones to feel informed and empowered when making decisions about their care. While aging in place is often the preferred option, there may come a time when additional support, like getting private home care, is needed to maintain independence and continue living a fulfilling life at home.

At Relative Care, we understand the importance of providing the proper elder care and level of support to individuals as their needs evolve. We offer services that can assist individuals in maintaining their independence and quality of life while receiving the necessary care. 

Support In your Home and Community

Relative care ensures our clients receive the highest level of respect and support. We provide live-in caregivers for older people and offer assistance with all kinds of daily activities, such as personal care, meal preparation, household chores, and transportation. Our team also provides companionship and emotional support, taking the time to build meaningful relationships with our clients.

We are dedicated to working in a collaborative manner to ensure individuals receive the support and the right home care services they need to thrive. Here’s how we can contribute:

If you currently receive services through any of these programs and are looking for additional support or assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help and support you every step of the way.

You may be eligible for government funding, and we can help.

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