Respite Care

Respite Care

We understand that caring for senior citizens can be physically demanding and emotionally draining, and carers need to have time for themselves. That’s why in-home respite care is beneficial not only for you as the care recipient but also for your caregiver. It offers them a much-needed break from their caregiving responsibilities, allowing them to recharge and care for their needs. This can help prevent burnout and ensure they can continue providing you with quality care in the long term.

At Relative Care, we understand that planning respite care can be overwhelming, so our dedicated respite caregiver is here to assist you every step of the way. We provide comprehensive support and guidance to make the process seamless. 

Our dedicated team in Relative Care is committed to assisting you in planning in-home respite care while living on the Central Coast. We understand the challenges and complexities involved and aim to provide comprehensive home respite services and support to make the process as stress-free as possible. Your comfort, satisfaction, and peace of mind are our top priorities, and we will go above and beyond to ensure that your respite care experience is positive and beneficial.

Because everyone has specific needs and preferences, our in-home respite care services are flexible and tailored to meet your requirements. We will work collaboratively with you to formulate personalized care plans that address the specific needs and preferences of your loved one.

As one of the NSW respite carers on the Central Coast, Relative Care also understands the importance of providing options for short-term accommodation during respite care. Our Short Term Accommodation service allows for planned or emergency in-home respite care where your loved one can stay with one of our Host Home Families. 

Here are some reasons why short-term accommodation with host home families is an excellent choice for respite care:

Planned and Emergency Respite

Planned respite care refers to scheduled breaks for caregivers prearranged in advance. At Relative Care, you can plan and book short-term accommodations for specific times. Also, emergency respite care provides in-home caregivers with a safety net in unexpected situations. Our live-in carers for older people may need to attend to an urgent matter, such as a medical emergency or an unforeseen event, and they need someone to provide care for their loved ones quickly.

Stay with Host Home Families

Our host home families create a warm and welcoming environment for your loved one. They understand the importance of private carers for older people, making them feel at home and providing a safe and comfortable space during their stay. This familiar setting can help reduce any anxiety or stress that may arise from being away from home.

Personalized Care and Support

During the short-term stay, our clients will have a respite caregiver and receive personalized care and attention while also having the opportunity to engage in various activities and socialize with their host family. We aim to create a home away from home experience where individuals feel comfortable and valued.

Home-Like Environment

By living with a host home family, your loved one will have the opportunity to experience private homecare with the daily routines and activities they were accustomed to in their home. These familiar routines and activities contribute significantly to a sense of normalcy and stability. Choosing a host home family for your loved one can provide them with a comfortable and nurturing environment that feels like home. It offers a sense of belonging and connection, promotes a sense of normalcy and familiarity, and enhances their overall well-being.

Professional Oversight and Support

Our Host Home Families undergo a thorough screening process and receive training to meet our clients’ specific needs and preferences. Our live-in carers for older adults are compassionate individuals who understand the importance of providing a supportive and nurturing environment.

Short-term accommodation like the one offered by Relative Care is an excellent in-home respite care option that provides caregivers with flexibility and peace of mind. It allows caregivers to take breaks, plan vacations, or handle emergencies with the assurance that their loved one will be well cared for in a personalized and supportive environment.

In respite care, you can hire a personal carer and receive various services that may be included to support individuals and provide a temporary break for caregivers. While the specific benefits offered can vary depending on the provider and individual needs, here are some standard services that may be included in home respite care:

To determine your eligibility for respite care on the Central Coast, Relative Care can assist you by explaining the criteria considered. These criteria may include your age, disability status, medical conditions, and the support you require from a caregiver. By understanding these factors, Relative Care can help determine your eligibility for respite care.

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